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What are the benefits of SSD solid state drives

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SSD solid state is the development trend of hard drives, breaking the performance bottleneck of traditional mechanical hard drives. Nowadays, regardless of whether it is a new installation or an upgrade of hardware, SSD solid state drives are given priority to improve the computer's read and write speed.

The advantages of solid state drives


1. Light weight and small size

Compared with mechanical hard drives, solid-state hard drives are smaller in size and lighter in weight. Generally speaking, the size of the desktop mechanical hard disk is 3.5 inches, while the size of the SATA interface solid state hard disk is only 2.5 inches, and the M.2 interface solid state hard disk has a smaller volume, only the size of a U disk.

2. Mute

Since the solid state drive does not have a mechanical motor, which is similar to a USB flash drive, the noise value of the solid state drive is 0 decibels when it is working, and there is no noise.

3. Read and write speed

As a storage medium, SSD has a faster reading speed than a mechanical hard disk. The read speed limit of hard disks cannot exceed 200M per second, and the write speed is also difficult to exceed 100M per second; SSD hard drives have a great advantage in transmission speed. SATA3 interface solid state drives usually read and write 3-5 times that of mechanical hard drives. , And the M.2 NVME protocol solid state drive is even more than ten times faster, or even higher.

4. Low heat/power consumption

Compared with mechanical hard drives, solid-state hard drives have lower power consumption, so they generate lower heat and are more energy-saving and power-saving.

5. Shock and drop resistance

Since the solid state drive does not have any mechanical moving parts, it is not afraid of collision, shock, and vibration, and has excellent shock and drop resistance. When the hard disk is working, it is less likely to be damaged when it is tilted or accidentally dropped or collides with a hard object.

Inside the solid state drive and mechanical hard drive

As the saying goes, there are advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a look at the disadvantages of solid state drives.

Disadvantages of SSD:


1. Smaller capacity

At present, the mainstream capacity of mechanical hard disks is as high as 1TB, while the current mainstream solid-state hard disks are only products with a capacity of about 120G or 240G, and their capacity cannot be compared with mechanical hard disks.

2. The price is expensive

Although solid-state hard disks also have 1TB or even higher capacity, they are very expensive in terms of price. The entry-level is basically above 1,000 yuan, while ordinary mechanical hard disks are only about 300 yuan.

3. Hard disk life

In theory, the entry-level SSD solid state drive has a longer life span than traditional mechanical hard drives, but there is no need to consider this life issue. Generally, solid state drives are guaranteed for 3 years. SSDs do not have to worry about life issues at all. There is absolutely no problem in 5-6 years.

4. Data recovery

If the hard disk is damaged, there is a high probability that the important data in the mechanical hard disk can be recovered by professional software, but the data recovery probability of the solid state hard disk is very slim.

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