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How to choose a computer memory stick? What is the most suitable capacity?

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We have a special liking for memory sticks. When the computer is stuck, we will directly install memory sticks. If the game is not running smoothly, we will directly install memory sticks. In short, many people think that computer memory sticks are like the "savior of the computer". 

The role of computer memory

The computer memory bar in the computer mainly serves the CPU, and the second is to provide the necessary loading space for all applications. The CPU is the computing and control core of the computer. When the CPU processes any data, it cannot do without the temporary storage support provided by the memory bar. , It is more appropriate to say that the memory bar is the "assistant" of the CPU. The better the CPU, the more dependent on the memory bar. Applications are even more inseparable from the memory stick. Each application must rely on the memory stick to provide temporary loading virtual memory for it. Theoretically: the larger the temporary storage capacity of the memory stick, the better the overall speed and performance of the computer.


How to choose a computer memory stick?

The choice of the memory bar needs to refer to the performance of the CPU, and each set of computers has a peak memory bar usage rate. When the peak usage of a set of configured computer memory modules is 16GB, it is meaningless to install a 32GB memory module in the computer. In this case, there will be excess memory capacity. When choosing a memory module, you need to consider computer integration. Performance, in addition, the choice of memory sticks also need to refer to the needs of the computer. The demand for more web pages and games is quite "eating" memory.

What capacity is the most suitable computer memory module?

Normal office needs 4GB of memory is sufficient for computers, and advanced office requirements that need to deal with graphic design software. Normal 8GB memory is sufficient for computers. Normal 16GB memory is sufficient for competitive gaming computers. Computers that require professional 3D drawing are normal 32GB of memory. Enough to use.

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