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The relationship between memory and hard disk

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Hard Disk

1. First is the hard disk, what is the hard disk?

The hard disk is like the warehouse of a logistics company. Yes, it is used for collection and storage. Everyone knows that computers are used to process data, but what should we do when we have processed the data? Yes, the main function of the hard disk is to collect and store data.

2. Category

Hard disks are mainly divided into two categories, one is solid state hard drives and the other is mechanical hard drives

(1) Mechanical hard disk

The mechanical hard disk is a traditional ordinary hard disk, and its working principle is like reading and writing an optical disc, so the mechanical hard disk is easily damaged.

(2) Solid State Drive


The solid state drive is made of electronic chips. Imagine the CPU and you can know that it is not cheap.

Its reading speed is very fast. Compared with machinery, it is like flying an airplane. Nowadays, most notebooks will be equipped with solid-state hard drives for you, so you will feel that the notebook boots faster than the desktop.

Because it is equipped with electronic chips, its vulnerability is much lower than that of mechanical hard drives.

Similarly, its price is really not cheap as I said before. The price of a 240GB solid state drive is comparable to the price of a 1TB mechanical hard drive.

3. Interface

(1) Mechanical hard disk

As a traditional hard disk, its interface is very monotonous and only has a SATA interface. So as long as you have a motherboard and a power supply, you can plug in the mechanical hard drive.

(2) Solid State Drive

The interface of the solid state hard disk is very complicated, there are (SATA interface, M.2 interface, etc.) M.2 interface also has various protocols.

Note: If you want to replace your hard drive, please be sure to ask the customer service what kind of solid-state hard drive your computer or your motherboard supports.

4. Capacity

(1) Mechanical hard disk

Why is the mechanical hard disk so slow and it still exists? It is because of its large capacity and good scalability. Now you can see mechanical hard drives with a minimum of 500GB and a maximum of 10TB. This is also his charm.

(2) Solid State Drive

The capacity of the solid-state hard disk is also very large, because such a fast hard disk to upgrade it is very costly and difficult, so it is upgraded to 120GB, 240GB, 500GB, and even 1TB of large solid state.

the memory module

1. Algebra

Memory sticks also have algebra. Their algebraic name is called DDR. Today's memory sticks have developed to the 4th generation, which is DDR4. In different algebras, it has different frequencies (that is, its speed). Now there are some on the market. Two generations of DDR3 and DDR4 memory modules are now available.

2. Frequency

DDR3 frequencies are 800, 1666, 1866, 1600, 1066, 1333

DDR4 frequency has 1866, 2133, 2400, 2666. Before this is entry-level memory, followed by advanced memory 3000, 3200, 3600, 4000 and above.

The price of memory sticks is relatively expensive. It is conceivable that a thin chip circuit board can be bought for more than 200.

3. Brand

There are many brands of memory sticks, but there are really only the three giants Samsung, Hynix, and Micron, and almost all other manufacturers use the memory chips of these three manufacturers.

Dual-channel means that the same 16GB data needs to be processed, while the 16GB single memory stick needs a certain amount of time to process the 16GB data. When you form a dual channel, it becomes two 8GB memory sticks to process 16GB of data, and the processing time will be reduced.

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