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How to make good use of your SSD

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How to give full play to the performance of SSD

First, let's take a look at the use of traditional HDD:

The IO scheduling of SAS and SATA interfaces requires the use of elevator algorithms to rearrange the IO to optimize the path of the magnetic head; the Raid card is used for data protection.

In terms of interface protocol, with the invention of SSD, NVMe protocol came into being. Compared with the single-queue mechanism of SAS and SATA, there can be up to 65535 queues, and the PCIe interface is directly adopted, eliminating the link and protocol bottlenecks.


How to improve the durability of NVMe disks

At present, the most widely used SSD is based on NAND particles, and an inherent problem of NAND is endurance. And with the development of technology, the density of NAND is getting higher and higher. The latest generation has reached QLC (4bits per Cell), and the number of times that each cell can be erased and written is also decreasing (1K P/E Cycles).

how to reduce the cost of use

As SSD is a new technology relative to HDD, coupled with the contradiction between the industry's production scale and demand, the current price is still higher than HDD. So how to reduce the cost of using SSD has become very important.

The most important part of reducing usage costs is to make full use of SSDs, both in terms of capacity and performance. But for now, most NVMe disks are used directly on the application server, and this method is very easy to cause a lot of capacity and performance waste, because only the application on this server can use it. According to research findings, using this DAS (Direct Attached Storage) method, the utilization rate of SSD is about 15%-25%.

The above has analyzed how to use SSD disks from the three aspects of performance, durability, and cost of use. It can be seen that it is not easy to use NVMe SSD disks well. Therefore, for the average user, choosing a good storage solution is very important. To this end, the Israeli innovation company Lightbits, with the mission of giving full play to the maximum value of NVMe disks, invented the NVMe/TCP protocol, and launched a new generation of all-NVMe cluster storage solutions, which can help users easily use SSD disks.

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